Fundraising Guide

10 Steps To Successful Fundraising

  1. Establish Your Goal
    1. How much do you need to raise?
    2. What will your expenses be?
    3. When do you need the funds?
  2. Name a Chairman
    1. Considerations: Reliability, availability, organizational skills, popularity/personality, commitment
  3. Gather a Committee
    1. Select one adult per ten children
    2. List members and phone numbers
    3. Make one person responsible for all the money
  4. Decide What to Sell, When & How
    1. Select a quality product
    2. Do you want prizes?
    3. Select a start date – Monday or Friday (no holidays)
  5. Find a Source for Your Product
    1. What will our profit be?
    2. Do you take returns?
    3. Do you supply sales materials?
    4. When do we have to pay?
  6. Communicate To Your Organization
    1. Printed Flier
    2. Community Newspapers
    3. Upcoming Meeting
  7. Distribute Your Product
    1. Can you store it?
    2. Security
    3. Climate
    4. When can your members pick up the product?
    5. Will additional product be available?
  8. When You Need More Product
    1. Can we reorder?
    2. How soon for delivery?
    3. What about damaged product?
  9. Collect the Money
    1. Make one person responsible for all the group’s money.
    2. When and how will participants turn in their payment?
    3. What if the money doesn’t arrive?
  10. Recognition
    1. Celebrate a successful sale.
    2. Award the prizes.

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