$1.00 Sour Mania Lollipops

Sour Mania Lollipops

Available in an array of colors and flavors, Sour Mania gourmet lollipops are the perfect way to add a bit of punch to your next fundraising event. The vibrant colors of these scrumptious lollipops are enough to grab attention, but add their unforgettable taste to the mix, and you have a product extremely popular with customers!

Packing a sour punch, our lollipops are allergy-friendly, ensuring you won’t have to turn any customers away. Sour and sweet, they’re a lollipop that people will not soon forget.

Below is a list available flavors:

Cherry, Watermelon, Lemonade, Green Apple, Blue Raspberry, Orange.

Flavor Mix may vary.

640 lollipops per case = 8 packs of 80 per case

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Cost $320.00 per case – 50% Profit!!

Retail – $640.00 per case